A patchwork gallery of my paintings and illustrations 'Cancion de la Muerte' Acrylic on Hawthorn - 2014 I had lots of fun painting 'Cancion de la Muerte' - a combination of carnival, song and celebration, framed in the Mexican tradition of 'Dia de los Muertes'. I respect the Mexican ways of seeing death as a natural part of human experience, of celebrating ancestors, and acknowledging death as much a joyous turn of the human cycle as birth. It isn't something to be feared or ignored as a threatening, morbid part of our lives. I celebrate Samhain in a similar way with my family, we remember people who've died, tell stories about what they were like, and make a little altar with photos and special trinkets. It's normally a really lovely ritual, not quite as colourful and jubilant as in Mexico, but personal and celebratory in a softer way beside the fire. Available to buy as a postcard - please click the image for more information