Rima Staines - The artist who inspires me most. I love her work, its blend of otherworldliness, tales told round fires and it calls to my spirit to paint and draw. I can happily say my desire to paint on wood has come from her, though where it'll lead me who knows at this point. Lucy Pierce - Lucy paints with a tenderness and strength that I absolutely love. She paints with ancestral recognition, and wildness jumps out of her prints. Her work feel to me a celebration of the softer sides of femininity, and the power those things hold. Pyramid of Arts - My fantabulous art organisation. I've worked with these guys for years, volunteering nearly 10 years ago. We work with people with learning disabilities, and a more creative, energetic, rowdier crew of artists ne'er have I met. They're all ace! Kyla Dante - Kyla is connected to sound and art in such an inspiring way. She's a guardian for my local woods, where we've sung under trees and around fires. I love her landscapes and buried canvas pieces and she's a local artist who has showed me how to use nature and spirituality in art even whilst living in a busy messy city. Bryan Froud - A completely classic artist, another Devon-dweller, inspired by the moors and creator of fairies, goblins and mischievous imps. He was a creative designer for Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal, 2 of my favourite films. Frida Kahlo - I'm inspired by Frida as much for her being and creativity in the face of adversity as her paintings, which hold a special place in my heart. Diego Azaldegui and Sol Milesi - friends from when the kids were at Steiner Kindergarten, they're both fantastic tattoo artists, and Sol tattooed a labyrinth on my back around my 30th birthday, a symbol that's meant a lot to me for many years, and we created a lovely ceremonial space in my living room as she tattooed me.


Kelly Boyle - I love Kelly's artistic spirit, she's a local Leeds artist and is just fiercely passionate about embracing your own creativity. She also paints and draws a riot of surreal colour and symbolism, hiding pictures amongst pictures, ready to be deciphered by the viewer.


Hazel Pybis- I really love Hazel's artistic vision, complex detailed pictures exploring the occult and spiritual, with a nod to psychedelia. She's a talented tarot reader to boot...


Phlegm- Phlegm's work spills out onto streets, telling stories from Sheffield to New Zealand and beyond. I love that buildings become giant pages of a book, and his creatures, people and imagination spin tales as you go around your everyday life.


Anicka Senior- I worked with Anicka years and years ago, street fundraising on the pavements of London. It's been amazing watching her creative skills grow, unbelievably inspiring and we've messaged each other over the years from the different continents we now live on, encouraging each other along the way. She draws and paints mandalas, do have a look at her gorgeous work.