A patchwork gallery of my paintings and illustrations 'Luna' Acrylic on Ash - 2014 I've painted these sleeping moons for years. I love the stillness and creativity of the night. The hours I get to myself when the family are slumbering, the cars have ceased and owls call their lullabies outside my window are sacred hours to me. I love the Victorian anthropomorphised suns and moons. This piece was a present for a friend's daughter - Luna is her name. I felt like the moon I got to know in this piece was gentle and loving, utterly content in her sleep. I hope you're as smitten with the moon as I am. The silence and serenity and wild mystery it demonstrates all at once. We don't always have to talk or do to be radiant. There is power in the subtleties. - Victoria Erickson Available to buy as a postcard - please click the image for more information