Low Impact Living A really useful website with links to self-builds and a whole range of low impact resources Homework - Lloyd Kahn Self build photos and documentation to drool over. I live in a semi in Leeds, fairly far from hobbit houses, but I would whole heartedly recommend this for ideas and inspiration. Cabrum -Portugal A place in the Portuguese that's really close to my heart, it's been a total trip watching them grow, and the issues and resolutions that they've been going through to make the space thrive again. The village and people living there featured in the film 'What a Strange Way of Life'


Tim's blog My lovely brother from another mother, and his beautiful writing. It documents a lot of the separation of his relationship with my good friend Tati, life as a father, the subsequent transformation of their family dynamics - and his connection to the land. Van Forums A UK based facebook group about converted vehicles, and homes on wheels. Good to meet folk and share ideas for creating homes on wheels. Red Tent Workshops We've run a Red Tent in our home city of Leeds for a few years now, and take it to festivals (including Northern Green Gathering, see below!) Have a look, it's a powerful women's movement that's supported and empowered many many women. Northern Green Gathering A lovely, low key sustainable festival. It always feels like coming home when I go to this, and our festy crew is more and more a family, learning as much as we teach and share.