Rising Appalachia- I listen to these sisters play whilst dancing around my living room. They sing a blend of rootsy Appalachian folk with African drumming amongst other fusions, and are so vibrantly full of life. I love that they're siblings, and have this shared musical journey, what a blessing. Isolde Freeth Hale Issi's a friend from Leeds, when we used to live together at uni, and introduced me to a way of understanding music that I feel blessed to have. She runs amazing choirs, and brings humour and joy into her own music. She often sings with 2 other lasses -Eko Trio - but this is a link to her own, self-produced work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYa5ESmUjlI Little Island My friend Naomi is just a total gem, and I normally get to see her band play at the few festivals we've been together. Her beautiful band plays arrangements of bluegrass songs, arrangements of Spanish/Latin American songs, and her own folk-tinged acoustic creations.. Look out for them in Cumbria where they're based. Laboratorium Piesni I remember seeing a video of them beating a drum and dancing around, a pack of large-souled harmonious goddesses, and love the videos they've made of their polyphonic folk songs. I would love to go to one of their workshops, one of these days.  High Pressure Soundsystem These guys used to run some of the best gatherings in the woods, and it was through them I discovered my love of dub and reggae. Lovelier soundsystem folk ne'er will you find... Reaction soundsystem Leeds-based bike powered soundsystem lovelies. Tom and Cam take their system to some of the best festivals, and wandering back to their stage is just like coming home, to friendly faces, lovely beats and sweaty cyclists. So much fun. Martha Tilston Martha comes from a heritage of folk, her whole family are musical, and I'm totally drawn to her songs of traditional seafarers, of rejecting the commercial norm and of remaining true to your own fierce creative spirit that I absolutely treasure.


Portishead No list of musical inspirations would be complete without adding Portishead, they were the soundtrack to my teen years. I played Dummy on repeat whilst gazing out of my bedroom window for countless nights.. I don't actually listen to them so much these days, but I'll always name them as a favourite band.